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Your Potential

After 10+ years of teaching and 13,000+ graduates, we can tell you the biggest problem in tech ed is that most bootcamps require incoming students to have a significant background in coding to join. Not only does this let bootcamps off the hook in terms making an effective curriculum, it simply DOESN’T work.

It’s been proven over and over that the most reliable predictors of success in coding bootcamps are traits like dedication, resilience, and curiosity. That’s why our application process looks for these characteristics in new students, and we don’t require anyone to come into bootcamp with 100+ hours of coding experience under their belts.

The good thing here is that we are practicing a lot especially on problem solving and not learning by hard code because that will lead you nowhere.

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Walid G.

Enterpreneur – Canada


Our Curriculum

We are numbers people at Coding Dojo, and from 1,000s of hours in researching learning science, the labor force, and pedagogy, we’ve crafted a curriculum that builds a solid programming foundation through a three stack approach.

Unlike many bootcamps that specialize in 1 stack in order to maximize class size and limit the learning difficulty, Coding Dojo’s 3-stack curriculum provides graduates with a complete skill set and, more importantly, the ability to easily learn new tech and programming languages they will be required to learn throughout their careers. Plain and simple: Our curriculum is designed to make this the first AND last bootcamp you ever attend.


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Coding Dojo Africa has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life I can’t believe I finished it I’m excited to see what the future holds for me.

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Mohamed K.

Studies Chemilcal Engineering


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Lifetime Support

There’s a reason the world’s most successful people have mentors, advisors and other people they trust around them: Every step up in your career ladder requires help, not just the first.

That’s why when a student makes the choice to change their careers to software development, we take that as a long-term commitment on our end as well — guaranteeing a lifetime of support from our world-class career services team.

Plain and simple: If you have the same job, with the same pay and same perks when you left bootcamp as you do 2 years down the road, you didn’t go to Coding Dojo.

I chose to add Coding Dojo web development certificate to my skills to fit more into the professional market.

salma rsz 1635759656410

Salma T.

Finance Background – IHEC Sfax

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