What Scholarships are Available?

Career Re-invention Scholarship Awards

The Career Reinvention scholarship is intended for experienced professionals who have “hit a wall” and are eager to reinvent their careers, but are unable to afford the professional assistance required to refine their skill sets.
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Diversity Scholarship
Awards 500TND

The Diversity Scholarship is intended to support and encourage underrepresented regions in the technology industry.
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Women in Tech Scholarship
Awards 500TND

The Women in Tech Scholarship is intended for aspiring female computer programmers who require financial assistance to launch their careers. This initiative is offered to support women in the technology industry, who as a demographic are highly underrepresented.
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Fresh Start Scholarship
Awards up to 750TND, for those with family income less than 15.000TND/year

The Fresh Start Fund was established to help incomeless prospective students start a career that provides them a better quality of life than they had before.
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How to Qualify for a Scholarship

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How Funds are Awarded

Funds will be given out based on the program you select.

Full-time Awards
Up to 750TND

for family incomes under 15k/yr

Part-time Awards
Up to 500TND

for incomes under 15k/yr

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