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Ninja Story: How I Reinvented My Career in IT at 39 with Coding Dojo Africa

At the age of 39, our ninja Mohamed Kaanich who chose the online bootcamp program, found himself standing at a crossroads in his career. After more than a decade working in the chemicals industry, he realized that his true passion lay elsewhere — in technology. Determined to follow his dreams, he embarked on a remarkable journey of reinventing his career in IT.

Could you tell us about the pivotal moment when you decided to transition from the chemicals industry to technology?

Mohamed.K: Absolutely. It was a moment of self-discovery. Despite my successful career, I felt a void that could only be filled by embracing technology. I knew I needed a change, and that’s when the idea of entering the world of IT started to take root.

How did you find the path to embark on this career transformation?

Mohamed.K: I was determined to explore the world of technology, and Coding Dojo Africa opened the perfect door for me. The bootcamp program promised to teach me everything I needed, from the technical skills to a comprehensive career services program that would shape me into a successful software developer.

Making such a decision must have been quite challenging. Can you share how you ultimately chose Coding Dojo Africa over other options?

Mohamed.K: Indeed, it was a tough decision. I was torn between ‘Ecole 42 Paris’ and ‘Coding Dojo Africa.’ Ultimately, I chose Coding Dojo Africa due to its recommended bootcamp spirit and my strong determination to succeed. I believed it was the right environment for me to flourish.

As you dived into the bootcamp, were there any surprises along the way?

Mohamed.K: Absolutely! As the bootcamp commenced, I discovered a hidden talent for programming. Immersed in the coursework and projects, I embraced the learning process with unwavering enthusiasm. Coding Dojo Africa equipped me with the skills and knowledge I needed, paving the way for numerous job opportunities as a junior web developer, even before concluding my stacks.

Every journey has its challenges. Could you reflect on the obstacles you faced during this transformation?

Mohamed.K: Looking back on my transformational journey, I take pride in my accomplishments. The path was not without its challenges, but the rewards far outweighed the struggles. Overcoming the fear of the unknown and adapting to a new field required dedication and perseverance.

Your story is undoubtedly inspiring. How do you share your experience with others who are considering a similar career change?

Mohamed.K: Driven by a desire to inspire others, I actively promote the bootcamp program that empowered my career reinvention. Through speaking engagements, blog posts, and networking, I encourage individuals to consider a career in IT, emphasizing the power of the right mindset and dedication to achieve greatness.

What advice do you have for those contemplating a career change, especially into the world of technology?

Mohamed.K: I firmly believe that anyone can learn to code and succeed in the IT industry, given determination and effort. While the journey may be challenging, it holds the potential for a fulfilling and prosperous career. Don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith and embrace the change.

Your journey is truly inspiring. What message do you have for those who are curious about technology and seeking their true calling?

Mohamed.K: For those considering a career change or simply curious about technology, my story serves as a testament to the transformative power of Coding Dojo Bootcamp. Embrace the change, explore the opportunities in IT, and discover your true calling in the most unexpected places. Just like me, you too can become a ninja in the world of technology and conquer your dreams.

Mohamed.K’s journey is a shining example of how embracing change and pursuing one’s passion can lead to extraordinary transformations. His story reflects the boundless opportunities that lie within the realm of technology and the impact of choosing the right path. As we conclude this insightful interview, we invite you to reflect on your own aspirations. The path to fulfillment may require courage and determination, but as demonstrated by Mohamed.K, the rewards are immeasurable.

So, whether you’re considering a career change, seeking to explore the world of technology, or simply eager to chase your dreams, remember that the door to a modern world of possibilities is waiting to be opened. Embrace the change, seize the opportunities, and let your journey towards success begin. Just like Mohamed.K, you too can carve your own unique path and achieve greatness in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.