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Meet Our Alumni

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The Creative Developer

Amine M. | Cinema Background – ESAC

“The experience with Coding Dojo Africa was special, the study was tough and challenging but I find myself after three months a whole new person with new perspectives.”

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The Finance Technologist

Salma T. | Finance Background – IHEC Sfax

“I chose to add Coding Dojo Africa and web development certificate to my skills to fit more into the professional market.”

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The Career Changer

Walid G. | Enterpreneur – Canada

“The good thing here is that we are practicing a lot especially on problem solving and not learning by hard code because that will lead you nowhere.”

You've Got Questions We've Got Answers

For all programs, the first step is to submit your application! Next, you’ll need to schedule and complete a short non-technical interview with our Admissions team. We need to make sure you’re ready for the challenges of the bootcamp! An acceptance decision will be made within 2-3 business days. If accepted, you’ll then work with an Admissions Advisor to finalize your financing or payment structure. Once you pay your deposit*, you’ll be enrolled in the course and will be connected to your Onboarding Specialist. Your Onboarding Specialist will help you get set up in our systems, walk you through your prework, and answer any questions you might have. *Deposit may be waived with certain financing options – please speak to admissions to learn more.

After your application and admissions interview is completed, you should expect a decision within 2-3 business days.
Nope! You can apply for a later cohort at any time. In fact, the earlier you apply, the better! Enrolling early ensures you have a seat in your desired cohort and gives you plenty of time to complete the prep work. The only exception is for certain financing options that require a start date within the next 90 days. Speak with admissions to learn more about financing.
Absolutely! Learning to code is fun (to us, anyway!) and can be helpful for almost any career. Maybe you have an idea of an application you’d like to build yourself, or maybe you just love problem solving. No matter what your goals are, you’ll fit right in.
No! In fact, 70-80% of our students don’t have prior experience before starting their course. For some courses, we offer a free two-week intro course called Programming Basics. This course is covered in the cost of tuition for the full-time programs, and is there to help beginners feel comfortable and confident on day one of bootcamp. Pro tip: make sure to complete the pre-course work for your program! Students who don’t complete the pre-work might feel behind, and we want all students to be set up for success.

Traditionally, yes. However due to COVID-19 we are not currently able to provide visa sponsorship. For Onsite learning, international students are limited to our Bellevue campus. We do not have the resources to help with visa arrangements or travel plans, but you can speak to admissions to learn more about the process. Enrolling for our online courses is also a great option for students overseas. Please note that some financing options may not be available for international student.

All students considered for admission should be at least 17 years of age and possess a high school diploma or GED. Students who are 17 years of age must have a parental/guardian consent form completed.
Yes, or a GED. If you do not have a copy of your diploma or GED, you can also request your high school transcripts from your high school institution. If you are unable to obtain either your diploma or transcripts, you can take a short exam as proof of education. This Education Verification must be administered by a third party – please contact admissions for more information.